Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pacific University


In view of the growing human resource needs to sustain and enhance development and growth at home and to bridge the demographic deficit for almost 57 million positions by 2020 in various knowledge based sectors with the superannuating population across the world; the country has to turnout an ever- growing pool of globally employable talent, and extend the contours of knowledge and intellectual property in all fields of priority for the global humanity.


1. To promote educational institutions of higher learning in various fast emerging , knowledge based disciplines, for the talented youth, where they can:
2. Acquire and create most advanced knowledge in their respective disciplines of interest;
3. Manifest their creative potentials through research and applications;
4. Develop holistic competence with global vision, local interface, societal orientation, industrial applicability and patriotic passions .
5. Make an effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.


• To impart quality education in various technical and professional disciplines.
• To bring academic excellence in various spheres of knowledge.
• To establish world class & state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate quality education.
• To cultivate skills to enhance employability of the students including inclination for self- employment.
• To promote quality research.
• To focus on overall student development by using the latest pedagogical inputs and through extra curricular activities like sports, cultural program, projects etc.
• To be engaged in socially relevant community development projects.
• To forge strong industry- institute linkages for mutually beneficial exchanges.
• To create and disseminate knowledge by conducting and participating in national & international conferences.
• To create a platform through which other institutions can participate and share in activities.
• To inculcate entrepreneurial ability among the students