Sunday, 8 May 2016

Your diet is key to your longevity health and energy level

Healthy diet should be biased towards ethnic food and fruits & vegetables, which are locally grown. Healthy body is one of the biggest gift, God has given us and we, in our ignorance ruin it instead of nurturing it. We fear food whereas we should think of it as something which will give us energy. Food will be best if it is local and seasonal. There is new concept these days called food miles- the measurement of the distance our food travel to reach us more the distance less it will be beneficial for us. Will blue berries from Sanfransico packed a month or two back will be more beneficial or Jamun grown a few yards away from my local market? Well believe me, not only are our local fruits more power packed with nutrients and vitamins but they are tasty also. These exotic fruits and vegetables are only good for individuals who have weak ego, it will boost their ego not their metabolism. So, if you are living in Udaipur then your sitafal or custard apple, guava, Manilla tamarind and other local grown fruits will be beneficial rather than buying passion fruits, kiwis, strawberries and blueberries. Why eat purple and red cabbages and bell peppers. Eat the normal green cabbages and most important eat fruits and vegetables of the season. Don’t eat mangoes in January even if you can afford it, eat in May-June this is the way God made it, this is the way it will be beneficial and tasty for you. Surely you believe that God knows better than any person or your friend who suggests you otherwise. We all believe that God by whatever name we call him created a miracle in creating a human body, so, don’t go against it. The food which is local is according to our genes, our requirement and will nourish us, as it will be with less pesticide than food which has come from miles away. Don’t buy fruits from supermarkets, buy it from a local vendor, see the smile on his/her face and when, you will be reason for that smile, you will feel elated and mark my words that fruits and vegetable will be more nutritiously beneficial for you. When we eat our food with happy frame of mind and positive vibes, our hormones are secreted which aids digestion. By doing so we are not only helping ourselves but also contributing towards a better planet and brighter future.
written by
Bhawna Detha
Director, Pacific College of Social Science & Humanities